Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Computers stolen from Canadian bank - No personal information compromised, bank says

A downtown branch of the Royal Bank of Canada (aka RBC) was broken into over the weekend, resulting in the theft of a dozen computers. I'm no detective, but it sounds like the thieves were looking for personal information. Luckily, the bank reports that no personal information was compromised.

CBC Montreal - Client info safe after computer theft: Royal Bank:

"MONTREAL - The Royal Bank of Canada says no client information has been compromised in a break-in at a downtown Montreal branch.

Montreal police say thieves broke into the branch near Sherbrooke St. W. and Peel St. over the weekend and made off with about a dozen computers.

'We have instructions not to keep client information on the hard drives,' says Raymond Chouinard of Royal Bank. 'And that's what happened. We've checked. We have a monitoring system and ways to make sure that we had no loss of client information in this case.'

Chouinard says this is the first time he's heard of such a theft. He insists security measures are quite tight at the bank."

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