Saturday, February 05, 2005

Edmonton cops investigated for misusing law enforcement databases

Hot off the presses .... the Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner has begun an investigation against members of the Edmonton police force for allegedely (mis)using law enforcement databases to target a journalist and the chairman of the police commission.

This is a reminder that employees are often your weakest privacy link and sensitive information in the hands of law enforcement may also be misused by otherwise authorized persons.

From the Edmonton Journal:

Edmonton Journal - network:

"EDMONTON - The province's privacy commissioner has begun an investigation into the Edmonton Police Service's handling of a drunk-driving stakeout against a journalist and the chairman of the police commission.

Frank Work notified police Chief Fred Rayner of the review Thursday, within hours of a press conference at which the chief announced that six members of the police service violated the use of police databases by querying the names of Edmonton Sun columnist Kerry Diotte or police commission chairman Martin Ignasiak.

Spokesman Tim Chander said the commissioner has launched his own investigation to ensure compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act...."

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