Saturday, December 04, 2004

Opposition calls for minister's resignation after privacy incident

After it was revealed that 27,000 benefits cheques were distributed along with social insurance numbers and addresses of other benefits recipients, the opposition Conservative Party is calling for the resignation of Ontario's finance minister, Greg Sorbara. I don't expect it will happen, but this is further evidence how a glitch that was likely caused by a lower-level employee can have huge repurcussions for an organization:

The Globe and Mail: Tories call for finance minister to step down pending privacy investigation:

"Toronto - The province's finance minister should step aside over an embarrassing security lapse, Conservative Leader John Tory said Saturday.

Mr. Tory called on the premier to ask Greg Sorbara to step down while the privacy commissioner investigates how the social insurance numbers of 27,000 people were accidentally released last week...."

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