Wednesday, December 08, 2004

CN Rail turns on hidden cameras to investigate vandalism

Further to my earlier post (CN's hidden camera sparks workers' ire (Winnipeg Sun), Canadian National Railway says hidden cameras will stay), the Winnipeg Sun is reporting that CN Rail has activated the hidden cameras at issue and the union is pretty mad about it:
Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - CN spying: union:

"Operating four hidden cameras


CN Rail has now turned on four hidden cameras in its Transcona Wheel Yard, the Canadian Auto Workers union says. The news is a blow to the union, which had been fighting to get the company to disconnect the covert surveillance discovered two weeks ago.

A maintenance-area worker found one camera in the ceiling and the union contacted the media about the find. The railway confirmed publicly there were two cameras that had not yet been activated trained on an area where repair work was under investigation.

Union spokesman Dennis Wray said he received a letter from CN yesterday saying four cameras were now running.

'The members are upset,' said Wray, who is CAW Local 100 vice-president for the Prairie region."

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