Monday, July 05, 2004

Event: Privacy International 2004 UK Big Brother Awards

Privacy International will be hosting the annual UK Big Brother Awards in London on July 28, 2004. The international lobby group always produces a very interesting list of initiatives and incidents, all of which should not be missed. Prizes are being awarded for the "Most Invasive Company" and "Most Appalling Project", among others. (Thanks to Slasdot and the Register for the link):

Privacy International 2004 UK Big Brother Awards:

"On July 28th 2004, Privacy International will stage the 6th annual UK Big Brother Awards to recognise the people and organisations that have done the most to devastate privacy & civil liberties in the UK.

Now an annual event in seventeen countries, Privacy International's Big Brother Awards bring together a rich and unique mix of all ideologies and backgrounds. This year, for the first time, the award night will be open to the general public. A space for a thousand people has been reserved at the London School of Economics, which is hosting the event on the night."

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