Thursday, July 22, 2004

Article: Protecting the Data Jewels has a very good article on protecting customer information. The focus on the article is confidentiality and preventing employees from stealing critical customer info when they leave their employment. A very good read:

Protecting the Data Jewels: Valuable Customer Lists :

"There are techniques to keep the list of your best customers from walking out the door.

News Story by Bob Violino

JULY 19, 2004 (COMPUTERWORLD) - In the casino industry, one of the most valuable assets is the dossier that casinos keep on their affluent customers, the high rollers. But last year, casino operator Harrah's Entertainment Inc. filed a lawsuit in Placer County, Calif., Superior Court charging that a former employee had copied the records of up to 450 wealthy customers before leaving the company to work at competitor Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, Calif.

The complaint said the employee was seen printing the list -- which included names, contact information and credit and account histories -- from a Harrah's database. It also alleged that he tried to lure those players to Thunder Valley. The employee denies the charge of stealing Harrah's trade secrets, and the case is still pending, but many similar cases have been filed in the past 20 years, legal experts say. "

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