Wednesday, July 07, 2004

ClinCoach and NPSi Alliance for Clinical Research Privacy

National Privacy Services Inc. and ClinCoach Inc. are going to announce tomorrow the establishment of a unique alliance to provide privacy training services for those involved with clinical research. ClinCoach is a leading, international provider of training for clinical research best practices, including the provision of Clinical Research Standard Operating Procedures. With NPSi, ClinCoach is developing a Standard Operating Procedures for interjurisdictional privacy best practices, designed to assist clinical researchers in complying with PIPEDA, PHIPA and other privacy laws.

ClinCoach and NPSi Alliance for Clinical Research Privacy:

"Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Research

ClinCoach and NPSi have developed standardized means of integrating privacy best practices and legal requirements into clinical research, offering the first-of-its-kind Privacy Standard Operating Procedures for clinical trials. The best practices contained in the Privacy SOPs are designed to be compliant with Canada's multiple health privacy regimes, including PIPEDA, PHIPA: the Personal Health Information Protection Act and various laws in all Canadian provinces. These SOPs offer a privacy solution to sponsors in multi-centre trials located at sites across Canada."

You can check out the announcement at the websites of National Privacy Services Inc. and ClinCoach Inc. starting tomorrow.

Also, stay tuned for an announcement about Bill 31 training of Ontario's health professionals and institutions.

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