Monday, January 11, 2010

New privacy rules for Crown-run casinos in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Privacy Commissioner has told government run casinos in the province to requiring the addresses of people who buy show tickets with cash. The amount of personal information collected by casinos is breathtaking, so I'm most surprised by the revelation that only now is Gaming Saskatchewan appointing a privacy officer.

The Canadian Press: New privacy rules for Crown-run casinos in Sask. after complaint investigation

(CP) REGINA — Two Crown-run casinos in Regina and Moose Jaw, Sask., are no longer demanding personal information from people who pay cash for tickets to live stage shows.

Gary Dickson, the province's information and privacy commissioner, says Saskatchewan Gaming has adopted new privacy rules to stop the practice.

He says his agency launched an investigation in 2008 after someone who tried to buy a ticket with cash was told they would still have to provide personal information, such as a home or email address.

Dickson says when his agency investigated, they were told that one of the reasons the information was collected was to notify ticket holders in case a performance was cancelled or delayed.

But he says their investigation found that didn't happen very often and it wasn't a credible reason to collect the information.

Dickson says Saskatchewan Gaming now has a senior official in charge of privacy issues, has developed new privacy policies, provided more training to staff and has developed signs and brochures telling customers that providing personal information is not mandatory.

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