Saturday, October 11, 2008

TSA Wants to Screen Passengers of Private Jets

I don't often get to flit around on corporate jets (ok, never), but this still caught my eye. The Transportation Security Agency has issued proposal for the screening of pilots, crews and passengers of private aircraft. Critics say it's a waste of money and an invasion of privacy. The closest I've come to this is a handful of flights on a client's helicopter, two flights on HeliJet airways and a charter flight to the US and I have to say it was very, very nice to not have to go through the hassle of pre-boarding screening. See: TSA wants to Screen Passengers of Private Jets - Gadling travel blog news, stories, deals, and tips. Go there.

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subalin said...

There will be small screening before you enter into the Private Jet Charter, but not irritating and making you wait not more than 2 minutes, maximum of 15 minutes will be spend before the jet takes off.