Monday, December 17, 2007

New device may end drunk driving?

Friend and compatriot PGuy pointed me to this story about a new device that would be built into new cars that would prevent the car from starting if the driver shows evidence of having too much alcohol in their blood. The technology would sense it from the driver's skin through the steering wheel: New device may end drunk driving The News is He asked if I thought it raises privacy issues.

I don't really see privacy issues per se, unless the thing records the readings. But I'm not sure it's a good idea. Those most likely to otherwise drink and drive will bypass the system or will hit the reefer if they intend to take the car home.

I just wonder where these things will end. A sensor that you're too tired, too jittery, too easily distracted, listening to an iPod, eating a cheese burger, have squabbling kids in the back?

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Amir Kafshdaran said...

I agree that if information is not stored or recorded, then there may not be any violation to the privacy laws.

However, what is alarming in reading this post and may be future potential violation to the privacy laws is that with the development of new technology and creation of more sophisticates digital machines, the end-user may not fully understand and grasp the scope and fuctionalities behind a digital device they may be using and thereby may potentially use it in circumstances that they would not have otherwise.

Intersting post.