Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Public Safety Canada Quietly Launches Lawful Access Consultation

Michael Geist writes that Public Safety Canada has quietly begun a secret, quiet quasi-pubilc consultation on lawful access. Apparently, Public Safety asked Michael not to write about it.

Apparently, telecommunications service providers are inconsistent about handing over customer information in the absence of judicial authorization. I understand from other sources that, with only two exceptions, all large Canadian ISPs provide account information to law enforcement when presented with an IP address. This is likely based on a misinterpretation of PIPEDA or due to pressure from law enforcement.

This is a significant development. Canadians and businesses with an interest in the line between law enforcement and commercial enterprises should make their thoughts known, even if they haven't been invited to do so. See: Michael Geist - Public Safety Canada Quietly Launches Lawful Access Consultation.

For some related blogging, see: It's not your job to police your customers, The ISP Privacy Pledge, and Ontario court considers "lawful authority" under PIPEDA.

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