Thursday, June 17, 2004

Oops ... Families private files left on a tram

Another serious privacy breach caused by employee negligence, this time from Australia:

Families private files left on a tram. 16/06/2004. ABC News Online:

"Families private files left on a tram

The Federal Government has apologised to 15 families whose private files were left by a Child Support Agency staffer on a tram.

Victorian Labor Senator Gavan Marshall has told Parliament the files contained personal details such as names and addresses and affected families were forced to change their tax file numbers and bank accounts at their own expense.

'Can the minister confirm that this serious breach has been referred to the privacy commissioner and whether the Government will compensate affected families for the costs and distress caused?' he said.

Families Minister Kay Patterson has told Parliament it was an unfortunate mistake, conceding some of the information still has not been located.

She says affected families were contacted and apologised to, but she will not commit to compensation.

'We need to move away from litigation and compensation,' she said.

Senator Marshall also told Parliament one of families was mistakenly sent another family's file more than a year ago, but the Minister would not confirm that."

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