Sunday, June 20, 2004

Article: New technology is tracking you in ways that may be a surprise

The Montreal Gazette has an article on the increase in the surveillance society in Canada. None of it will be surprising to those who follow these issues, but the article is a good introduction with comments by Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart and consultant Stephanie Perrin:

You're just a number: New technology is tracking you in ways that may be a surprise

The Gazette

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Most Montrealers first learned that late-model cars are equipped with 'black box' technology from media coverage of a recent trial.

Their surprise was likely tempered with satisfaction because the technology brought some justice to the tragic death of a university student. Black-box data showed that Eric Gauthier was driving along Ste. Catherine St. at 157 kilometres per hour just seconds before he struck and killed Yacine Zinet.

More surprising - and disturbing for some - is that the technology used to convict Gauthier is tame in terms of what is out there - to help us, it's said, but available for use against us."

Full text ... (Enjoy it while you can since the Canada.Com network expires its content relatively quickly.)

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