Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Article: U.S. Patriot Act worries Privacy Commissioner

There has been no shortage of spilled ink (or spilled electrons) on the impact of the US Patriot Act on the privacy of Americans. One aspect of the law has raised the ire of the Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia. He alleges that the law puts Canadian privacy at risk because it reaches into American companies that handle Canadian personal information, in Canada:

U.S. Patriot Act worries Privacy Commissioner:

"U.S. Patriot Act worries Privacy Commissioner
WebPosted May 11 2004 02:28 PM PDT

VICTORIA - B.C.'s Privacy Commissioner is asking the provincial government for extra money to examine the ability of U.S. authorities to access confidential information in Canada

The U.S. Patriot Act allows American law enforcement agencies to access private information held by U.S. companies.

That could include include information held by Canadian subsidiaries of U.S. companies. "

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