Monday, May 24, 2004

Article: Public supportive of strict rules for telemarkers

From today's Toronto Star:

" - Public supportive of strict rules for telemarkers

How to make `do not call' list work



Doesn't just the sight of the word make your blood boil? Not that all telemarketers are bad, it's just that the very word conjures up the image of dinner-time interruption and an uncomfortable phone conversation that usually ends with the handset crashing to its base.

To its credit, the Canadian Marketing Association is trying its best to separate itself from insensitive, rogue marketers who insist on bothering us at the worst of times and, despite our pleas, call back over and over again, or worse, defiantly challenge us when we say, 'Sorry, not interested.'

The problem is, the CMA only has 800 members - all big, respectable companies with reputations to protect and enough sense to listen when we ask to be removed from their respective calling lists."

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