Monday, May 24, 2004

Article: U.S., Canadian firms worlds apart on privacy

Today's Toronto Star reports the results of a study comparing the privacy practices of Canadian and US companies:

" - U.S., Canadian firms worlds apart on privacy:

Compliance, security are aims in states
In Canada, privacy seen as good business


Canadian and U.S. companies have vastly different attitudes and motivations when it comes to protecting the privacy of their customers, according to a cross-national study to be released this week.

The study, the first to compare the corporate privacy practices of comparable Canadian and U.S. firms, found that Canadian businesses see their privacy practices as an opportunity to improve relations with customers, while their U.S. counterparts viewed privacy measures more as a way of complying with legislation and avoiding civil lawsuits.

Indeed, 61 per cent of surveyed Canadian companies linked 'good privacy practices' to customer trust and brand loyalty, compared to only 17 per cent of U.S. companies."

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