Thursday, April 01, 2004

Article: Turning online privacy into a joke

Donal Daly of the Customer Respect Group has a very interesting commentary on CNet today about the importance of privacy policies in communicating respect to customers. They conducted a survey that underscores the importance of a true, meaningful and customer-friendly privacy policy:

Turning online privacy into a joke | Perspectives | CNET
"In a survey of the adult online population, conducted by The Customer Respect Group in February 2004, the importance of respectful treatment of consumers' privacy concerns was underlined by some dramatic findings. When survey participants were asked how much they care about a company's privacy policy when invited to enter personal information to a Web site, 22.4 percent responded that in the absence of a privacy policy, they would not offer the information. A further 26.6 percent echoed this sentiment by indicating that if they were unhappy with a company's privacy policy they would leave the site. "

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