Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Article: CRIA to appeal file sharing ruling

Following it's widely publicized loss in the Federal Court of Canada (see previous blog entry), CRIA has filed an appeal of Justice Finckenstein's ruling. Google news links to loads of coverage, such as this from the Globe and Mail:

Globetechnology: "The Canadian Recording Industry Association has filed an appeal of the recent court decision denying CRIA's request for Internet Service Providers to reveal the identities of alleged uploaders of digital music. ...

"Today we filed an appeal of last month's court decision," CRIA General Counsel Richard Pfohl said in a statement. "We will argue that the decision was in error on a number of legal bases.

"In our view, Canadian copyright law does not allow people to make copies of hundreds or thousands of musical recordings for global copying, transmission and distribution to millions of strangers on the Internet," he said.

"Any owner of intellectual property that can be digitally transmitted has a stake in this appeal process," CRIA president Brian Robertson said.

The appeal comes at a time when news of the recording industry's profits or losses have been highly contradictory."

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