Friday, October 19, 2012

Discussions about online bullying and harassment

The tragic story of Amanda Todd, a Victoria-area teenager who took her own life after a long period of being stalked and extorted by an adult and bullied by her peers, has placed a renewed focus on online bullying in Canada.

Over the past week, I've contributed to a number of discussions on the topic, including the following:

Catching Cyberbullies | Day 6 with Brent Bambury | CBC Radio: In the wake of Amanda Todd's suicide, cries for justice have echoed around the world. Millions have watched the heart wrenching YouTube video where she describes how she was targeted online and bullied at various schools. Hundreds of thousands have signed petitions and called for law enforcement to arrest the cyberbullies and predators who tormented her for years. Privacy, Internet and media lawyer David Fraser discusses some of the complexities of this type of case. [Audio of interview to be broadcast on October 20, 2012 is available here]

Cyberbullying Panel | CBC The National | CBC TV: Following the death of Amanda Todd, Wendy Mesley hosts a panel on the desire for justice in cyberbullying cases and if the legal system should get involved. [Video, originally broadcast October 19, 2012 is available here (skip to about 30 minutes in]

Interview with Paul Hollingsworth | CTV Atlantic

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