Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Live chat on privacy and facial recognition systems

As part of the Globe & Mail's ongoing series on facial recognition systems and privacy, I've been invited to be part of a live, online discussion at 1:00 Eastern on Wednesday.

Here's the blurb they've put up:

What are the risks of facial recognition software? - The Globe and Mail

Facial recognition software is practically ubiquitous these days, whether you realize it or not. This week's Time To Lead series has looked at how it's been rolled out, from banks and casinos to the online world. The Globe editorial board says that the information the comes from this software should not become a commodity.

Are the legal protections in place sufficient? What are the privacy implications of facial recognition software?

Join us for online to delve further into the subject. David Fraser, a privacy lawyer and partner at McInnes Cooper in Halifax, will take your questions, in a live chat hosted by editorial writer Karim Bardeesy, at 1pm on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...


I am currently researching the privacy implications regarding facial recognition for school. I was wondering if anyone could give a brief summary of the privacy implications within Canada while using facial recognition?