Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Auto finance company scopes GPS tracking and borrower profiling

When I first saw this headline referring to GPS tracking, I assumed that a car finance company would want GPS on vehicles to make it easier to repossess the car if the borrower defaults. That's intrusive, but makes sense. The finance company essentially owns the vehicle until it's paid off, so maybe it's reasonable for it to know where it is.

But not so, according to the article (Auto finance company scopes GPS tracking - Computerworld). An auto finance company is quietly making inquiries in the United States about whether it can use GPS on vehicles to track, profile and categorize the driver to evaluate the risk of the underlying loan so the loan can be sold on on the secondary market.


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car loans said...

It should not be mandatory. Let the consumer decide whether they want to add a GPS tracker on their chosen vehicle.

2290 form said...

This same technique could be used to track companies' heavy equipments.

car tracking said...
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