Friday, August 27, 2010

Alberta Commissioner launches investigation into medical identity theft

This is the first Canadian case of "medical identity theft" or impersonation that I've seen widely reported:

CBC News - Calgary - Mistaken identity case sparks investigation

Alberta's privacy commissioner has announced an investigation into the "Golo" identity case.

Golo is the nickname of a man who was admitted into Foothills Hospital, died on May 21, 2009, and then was buried in a Calgary cemetery, all under someone else's identity.

He allegedly used an Alberta Health Care card stolen from a casual acquaintance.

The investigation will examine "what steps are reasonable to take to ensure health information is accurate and complete before it is used by a health services provider," according to a news release from the information and privacy commissioner's office.

A report will be released to the public once the investigation is completed.

Calgary police are still trying to determine Golo's identity.

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