Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Clawbies are out!

On New Year's Eve, Steve Matthews published his Clawbie awards for Canadian Legal Blogs. I was honoured to be a runner-up in the practitioner support category:

2) Best Practitioner Support Blog - Garry Wise - Year-in and year-out, Garry is one committed law blogger. He offers his opinions on almost everything, and if you do a Google search for Toronto lawyer you’ll see how blogging benefits the online exposure of his practice. If you didn’t read his Starting a law firm post back in February, please do. Garry Wise consistently offers great vision to a lot of solos across the country. Runner ups: David Fraser’s Canadian Privacy Law Blog, Hull & Hull’s Toronto Estate Law Blog

Steve has been a big promoter of this blog and I'm grateful to have gotten to know him over the past years. Check out the full listing and support your local legal blogger!

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