Monday, March 05, 2007

NHLPA investigated for allegedly reviewing members' e-mail

The Toronto Police are apparently investigating whether the National Hockey League Players' Association reviewed or blocked e-mail of members provided through the NHLPA's website. The police report has been referred to crown prosecutors, who will determine whether charges should be laid. - News - Email furor has NHL players on edge

Toronto police are investigating complaints that executives at the NHL Players Association accessed and in some cases blocked the email accounts of players who have challenged the hiring of the union's executive director.

The allegations by players is the latest salvo in the battle for control of the splintered Toronto-based union.

Last month, the players voted for an independent investigation into the hiring of NHLPA executive director Ted Saskin in July 2005.

The investigation is also looking into the circumstances that led to the players association accepting a labour contract that included for the first time a cap on player salaries.

For the past two weeks, police have been looking into whether Saskin and Ken Kim, the union's senior director of business, ordered technical support staff at the union to access player email accounts hosted by the union, and whether such an action would be illegal, four sources familiar with the investigation told the Star.

Toronto police have now presented their findings to a Crown counsel, who will decide whether there is enough evidence to lay criminal charges....

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