Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dion pledges breach notification if he's elected PM

Stephane Dion, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, pledged in a speech yesterday to require breach notification if he becomes Prime Minister. He also pledged to implement the recommendations of the federal Anti-Spam Task Force: :: Speeches:

Protecting Our Homes and Our Rights March 14, 2007


  • To protect Canadian seniors, we will act on the recommendations of the Privacy Commissioner to address the problem of identity theft. There were almost 8,000 reports of identity theft in the past year, resulting in more than $16 million being lost, much of it taken from vulnerable seniors. A lifetime of hard work and savings can vanish in an instant. We need tougher laws to prevent this kind of crime.
  • One of the main recommendations of the Privacy Commission is that we need to change private-sector privacy laws, so companies are forced to notify customers when their personal information gets leaked. If your social security number gets into the wrong hands, you deserve to find out about it, so you can avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. This kind of change would finally cause businesses to take the security of their customers more seriously.
  • Another recommendation is that we need laws implementing the recommendations of the federal Task Force on Spam – recommendations that have so far been ignored by the Conservatives. Spam is the weapon of choice for identity thieves, who use phony e-mails to trick people into revealing personal information. Canada is the only G-8 country without anti-spam legislation, and a Liberal government led by me will change that.

Thanks to Michael Geist for pointing me to Dion's speech.

PS: I'm not sure why the first point is solely for the protection of seniors.

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Anonymous said...

And I'm not sure why his second point refers to the U.S. "social security number" instead of the Canadian "social insurance number".