Thursday, February 08, 2007

Call for a privacy law in Thailand

The Managing Director of Oracle ASEAN is calling on the Thai government to pass a strong privacy law so that Thailand will not be left behind in the BPO boom:

Bangkok Post : We need data privacy act to attract BPO:

"Thailand needs to quickly pass the Data Privacy Act if it is to avoid being left out of the world's IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) boom, according to Natasak Rodjanapiches, managing director of Oracle ASEAN.

Other requirements include a need for strong security standards, interoperability standards as well as the legal and privacy frameworks that are needed for a knowledge-based industry to flourish.

'Nobody will feel secure outsourcing to Thailand if the legal and privacy framework is still so uncertain. The interim government has an opportunity to do something good for the industry now by passing this law quickly,' he said. ..."


KPO said...

I think they should also venture in BPO industry so that it will help decrease unemployment rate in Thailand.

contact center philippines said...

Like what the Philippines - a Southeast Asian neighbor of Thailand, they opened their country for outsourcing in order to lessen the number of unemployed citizens in their country. It may not be the immediate solution, but it can help.