Monday, November 20, 2006

Privacy: The Problem That Won't Go Away

Information Week is always a good source of privacy reporting and today they've posted a really good article on the changing face of privacy and how companies need to adjust. The article is about eight printed pages long, but here are the topics covered:

Privacy: The Problem That Won't Go Away - Your privacy mistakes can easily become everyone's business. Here's how to keep your company--and your career--out of the spotlight
  • It's A Strategy, Not Just A Policy
  • Privacy Laws Will Change—Often
  • You Can Excel--Don't Just Avoid Screwups
  • All Data Is Sensitive
  • Retain The Right Data, For The Right Time
  • Helping Can Hurt You--Even With The Feds
  • Partners Can Be Your Biggest Problem
  • Technology Can Create New Problems
  • One Privacy Approach Can't Cover All

They've also posted two great sidebars: Technology To The Rescue: From anonymizers to network monitors to identity management sysems, there's a host of privacy-enhancing products and strategies available and Privacy File: 10 Events That Impacted The IT Landscape - Here's a quick scan of recent events, which have roiled the privacy waters at AOL, at the FBI, and in Europe.

Read it, learn it, live it.

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