Thursday, November 23, 2006

Kudos to Le Royal Méridien King Edward hotel

As I wander through this world, I more often than not notice privacy problems instead of good privacy practices. That may be a result of being particularly sensitive to privacy issues or because good privacy practices are too rare.

This morning, I had an experience that is worth commenting upon. When I was in Toronto for the Canadian IT Law Association's conference, I stayed at Le Royal Méridien King Edward where the conference was held. I didn't get a copy of my invoice when I checked out (or maybe I did and its in one of the piles of paper that I brought back from the conference). So I faxed the hotel this morning asking for a copy to be faxed back to me. My request was on letterhead and duly signed. But the hotel, just to be sure, called me directly and asked a couple of questions to make sure I was who I purported to be. It cost them time and long distance charges, but suggests that they take this stuff seriously. Which makes me feel better.

This is what I advise my hotel clients to do and I'm glad that the King Eddy is following someone else's sage advice.

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