Monday, March 22, 2004

Article: More on the Equifax breach

Today's Globe and Mail has another article on the Equifax credit report breach, which was widely publicised last week:

The Globe and Mail: Credit breach too easy, consumer group says -- Critics argue Equifax case underscores how simple it is to abuse confidential files:

"VANCOUVER -- A security breach that allowed criminals to gain access to 1,400 confidential credit files at Equifax Canada was a crime waiting to happen, the president of Consumer Federation Canada says.

'This could have been prevented,' said Dan Barnabic, whose non-profit consumer advocacy group is lobbying the government to tighten regulations covering credit-reporting agencies. Mr. Barnabic said that to access the credit reports at a credit-reporting agency such as Equifax, all a criminal needs to do is set up a front operation."

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