Thursday, March 25, 2004

Article: Don't 'creep out' your customers

This American article talks about the need to be sensitive to customers when you are dealing with their personal information. The example given probaly woudn't fly in Canada under PIPEDA, but the general theme of the article makes sense: | Don't 'creep out' your customers:

"BALTIMORE -- When it comes to customer privacy, marketers have to do more than just obey the law, says Gartner analyst Adam Sarner. They have to avoid the 'creepiness factor.'

Speaking Monday at the Gartner CRM Summit, Sarner described how he was once contacted by a mortgage company that seemed to be almost flaunting the information it had gathered about him.

'[The letter] said: 'Dear Mr. Sarner, we have used your publicly available records and understand that you pay X amount for your house at X percent,'' Sarner said. 'Creepy, right? 'We were digging around in your data, and this is all the stuff that we know about you.' It kind of creeps you out. ... You have to understand that [people] are a little touchy about this.'"

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