Wednesday, October 01, 2014

SaskTel issues its first "Transparency Report" on government data demands

Hot on the heels of Telus' transparency report, SaskTel has also released its very first transparency report [PDF] on government data demands.

It's worth giving the report a look, and noting that SaskTel is the only telco in Canada that is also subject to a public sector privacy law that has very broad latitude for data disclosure to law enforcement.

Here are the numbers:

General – Listed Customer Name and Address 1,582

Court order 4,139

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (excluding child sexual exploitation) 896

Federal/provincial government formal demands 233

Emergency requests 718

Emergency requests - after-hours by operator services 3,993

Child sexual exploitation 49

Requests denied 247

It's also worth noting that SaskTel says they have changed their practices in response to the R. v. Spencer case.

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