Monday, April 15, 2013

New blog with tips, tricks, gadgets, hacks, miscellany and legal geekery

Pardon the interruption ... normal privacy-related posting will continue after this brief promotional message ...

I recently attended the American Bar Association's annual TechShow in Chicago. The highlight was the annual "60 Tools in 60 Minutes" in which four hard-core geeky lawyers shared their top tips and tools in rapid-fire succession.

Having now seen the 60 Tools show up close and personal, I've been inspired to share some of my own tips, tricks, gadgets, hacks and other micellany that might be of interest to lawyers and other professionals who like efficiency and technology. Without any further ado: Stuff Dave Likes.

I've already put up a few posts:

I am acutely aware that readers of the Canadian Privacy Law Blog are here to read about privacy and not legal geekery, so I will not be cross-posting unless there really is a crossover. However, if you're into legal geekery please drop by Stuff Dave Likes from time to time. And if there's stuff you like too, let me know about it.

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