Friday, December 21, 2012

Beware of juice-jacking: That free charge may not be entirely free

Here's a tip for you, just in time for the holiday traveling season: Be cautious about where you plug in your phone or other smart device, looking for a charge. For some devices, simply plugging in your USB to get some juice can give whatever you're connecting to free access to the contents of your device.

My Galaxy Nexus will not give anyone access through the USB unless the device is unlocked. Find out of your device is similarly protected.

Beware of Juice-Jacking — Krebs on Security:

“You should not trust public kiosks with your smart phone. Information can be retrieved or downloaded without your consent. Luckily for you, this station has taken the ethical route and your data is safe. Enjoy the free charge!”

Thanks to Milan for passing this tip along.

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