Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities commit to collaboration

We are seeing the growth of formal and informal structures being put in place by privacy commissioners and their counterparts worldwide to foster interjurisdictional collaboration. We've recently seen the establishment of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network and now the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities form has concluded in Auckland with a further commitment to cross-border collaboration:

Privacy Commissioners Commit To Continue International Collaboration |

The importance of privacy to the public on both sides of the Pacific Ocean has been demonstrated in a meeting of privacy and data protection commissioners from three continents in the Asia Pacific region.

Hosted by the Office of the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner, the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) forum concluded in Auckland yesterday, with members affirming their commitment to continue to collaborate on international data protection issues.

The New Zealand Privacy Commissioner, Marie Shroff was delighted with the success of the meeting.

"This APPA meeting was one of the largest that we have held and it was pleasing to welcome three new members: Mexico, United States and Queensland. The last two days have reinforced our commitment to continue international collaboration amongst members. This will strengthen our ability to get the best possible outcome for the public's privacy rights."

The APPA members discussed a variety of contemporary privacy issues that face members right across the Asia Pacific region including ways to tackle privacy concerns about social networking, direct marketing and credit reporting.

"I think it is no surprise that issues such as online privacy are a common concern for all jurisdictions but there are practical steps that we can all take to educate the public and the business community on their privacy rights and responsibilities," Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim said.

For instance, APPA members affirmed their commitment to jointly promote Privacy Awareness Week, which will be held from 1-7 May 2011. APPA has also established a working group on technology issues.

The next APPA meeting will be in South Korea in June 2011.

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