Monday, December 07, 2009

My nominations for the Clawbies 2009!

As announced earlier this week, the nominations are now open for the annual Canadian Legal Blogging Awards, affectionately known as the Clawbies: Nominations Open for the 2009 Clawbies – Law Firm Web Strategy.

This blog was a runner-up in 2007.

The hardest part about nominating blogs for the award is the abundance of great Canadian law blogs out there. I follow dozens that provide interesting, relevant and timely information. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to produce one, so all of them deserve recognition. The best of the best need a special shout-out.

But if I am forced to single out three blogs, I will focus on three that provide me with "practitioner support". These provide a mental and professional return on my investment of time and attention. If I could follow only three Canadian legal blogs, here they are:

All About Information - Dan Michaluk from Hicks Morley puts a lot of thought into everything he posts. His blog has the best commentary and analysis on just about every important privacy and access to information case in Canada. And, he's a great guy.

Michael Geist - Blog - Everyone I know reads Michael's blog and his columns. Not everyone agrees with his perspective, but there is no denying that he is one of the most prolific, plugged-in Canadian legal bloggers. If your practice touches on IP law or privacy, you have to follow him.

Slaw - For me, Slaw is a must-follow because of the regular content that's relevant to my practice. But reading Slaw also reminds me of the Sunday New York Times or wandering through the library stacks: there's amazing stuff that you probably never thought of looking for. You can easily get lost in all the good stuff.

If you read any Canadian legal blogs, please take the time nominate your three faves. All the details are here.

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