Friday, September 11, 2009

CATSA orders invasive body scanners for Canadian airports

According to the Edmonton Sun, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is ordering seven whole body scanners for use in airports. The scanners are controversial because they result in a "virtual strip search" so that the operator is able to make out the details of the passenger's body and supposedly anything that the person may be hiding under his or her clothes. The passenger's bits and pieces are clearly visible, and the manufacturer has special software that can be installed to blur the passenger's genital region (on the screen, not in real life). But CATSA has declined to order or install the blurring software, saying that if the nether region are blurred, it would be possible for bad guys to hide stuff in that area. See: Green light for scanners Canada News Edmonton Sun.

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ZRapping said...

It seems we now have two enemies to contend with:

(1) terrorists since they terrorize

(2) security officials who recognize no limits on their bullying of travellers, affecting specially their dignity and health. Their aim is only to evade accountability for their own incompetence and negligence, and preserve their power.

Are they prepared to accept responsibility for the multitude of possible scanners induced cancers that could affect thousands of travellers?

Are we prepared to trust the
re-assurances of people who invented and imposed the 'sphinx posture' for air travellers during the final hour of a flight?

Their actions so far constitute an ignominious win for the terrorists.

Let us hold them accountable right now.