Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last week, I got a call first thing in the morning from my bank. According to their fraud department, it appeared that my debit card had been used fraudulently. Someone had taken a few hundred bucks out of my account at what appeared to be a no-name cash machine. I guess the bank's systems didn't think this was part of my usual routine or that this machine had been connected with other fraudulent withdrawals. In any event, my card was in my wallet and it hadn't beeny anywhere sketchy the day before.

It was a surprise to think that my card could have been cloned, since I am paranoid about my PIN and I think I'd know a skimmer if I saw one. I also watch my card like a hawk, so would hopefully notice if someone was double-swiping. But in any event, this was not my problem but one that the fraud department is better equipped to deal with.

So off to the bank I go, fill out some paperwork and I have a shiny new debit card.

I may not be a fan of my bank using my information for marketing purposes, or to call me about the latest and greatest product, but I sure appreciate it that the bank takes the time to know me, my habits and my purchase patterns to protect me. But this time they were right and I'm not out the few hundred dollars.

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