Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Incident: Security breach hits TradeFreedom

Canadian brokerage TradeFreedom has been hit with a security breach and is notifying some of its customers that their information may have been compromised:

reportonbusiness.com: Security breach hits online brokerage

Online broker TradeFreedom Securities Inc. has quietly notified an unidentified number of its customers that a computer security breach has compromised some of their personal information, potentially exposing them to fraud.

In what it described as a follow-up to an Aug. 17 notice to clients, it said in a Friday e-mail that it had finished its investigation into the "recent unauthorized intrusion" of one of its computer systems.

"We have subsequently determined that, despite our security systems in place at the time, this unauthorized intrusion has also resulted in the compromise of some of your personal information," TradeFreedom said. "This information is your name, social insurance number, city, province and postal code."

Citing a continuing police investigation by the Sûreté du Québec, TradeFreedom president Bruce Seago said he could not release any details about the nature or timing of the computer security breach....

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Anonymous said...

It was more than a possibility of fraud. Hackers got into the system, recorded personal information, including passwords. Then with those passwords went into customers accounts and tried to manipulate the market. My own account took a $200 000 loss because of the incident and they have as of yet done nothing to compensate.