Monday, October 16, 2006

Ontario Commissioner to call for universal Net ID system

Anne Cavoukian, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, always has interesting things to say. The Canadian Press is running an article foreshadowing a press conference to take place in Toronto on Wednesday:

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: Internet Privacy commish calls for Net ID system

TORONTO (CP) — Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian warns online fraud is threatening to cripple e-commerce on the Internet.

She says because of the growth of online fraud, the identity infrastructure of the Internet is no longer sustainable.

Cavoukian will hold a news conference in Toronto on Wednesday to outline what could, and should, be done to foster the development of a universal identity system....

I think I need to be convinced that a university identity system is needed and how it will work without becoming incredibly intrusive. But I'll keep an open mind until Wednesday.

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