Thursday, June 01, 2006

Contractor loses personal data of 1.3M student loan customers

The Associated Press is reporting that a contractor has lost a piece of unspecified equipment containing personal information related to 1.3 Million customers of Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp. The info had been decrypted by the contractor but is said to be protected by passwords "a number of times over". (I'm not sure what that means.) Check out the story here: Co. loses personal data of 1.3M customers - Yahoo! News, and the company's information page here: TG: TG announces contractor's loss of borrower files.

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Anonymous said...

Toronto software provider Hummingbird Ltd. has found itself
at the centre of an embarrassing privacy accident involving
the social security numbers of 1.3 million American
students. Hummingbird has disclosed that one of its
employees lost a piece of computer equipment that contained
the names and social security numbers of customers who
borrowed funds from Round Rock, Tex.-based Texas Guaranteed,
a non-profit company that administers a U.S. family
education loan program. [Toronto Star]